Why hire a freelancer

Cost-Effective, Efficient Way to Keep Business Moving Forward Without Breaking the Bank

Budgets are tight right now during this unprecedented time. But there is still a critical need for communications in many forms – PR, Marketing, Internal Communications, Social Media and more. Communicating with your customers, partners, prospects, employees and others shouldn’t come to a screeching halt. In some cases, all that is needed is a pivot in strategy, messaging and approach. Brands that get their messaging right today will be the ones that consumers and businesses remember tomorrow!

Communications doesn’t have to break the bank. There are thousands of really talented communications consultants to help you navigate through these murky waters and plan for the future. These consultants are nimble and behind some of the most impressive communications campaigns you see. So why hire a consultant instead of an agency?

  • Cost: Most consultants don’t have large overhead costs and share resources with colleagues so you are paying exclusively for their talent, project execution and specific hours worked; this can often save a company 20-30% in marketing costs which is significant for small businesses
  • Top tier talent and quality: consultants usually specialize in a specific area of marketing or public relations and have spent years honing their skills, offering clients unparalleled expertise and dedication to their craft. You receive top-notch experience for an affordable rate
  • Better quality work: Consultants are passionate about their clients and their work and you can always expect a high-quality outcome. Freelancers also rely on referrals and word of mouth for business so we stand behind everything we produce 100%
  • Efficiency:  Consultants know the importance of reliability and speediness so you can expect they will deliver results in a timely and efficient manner; never worry about a late deadline again
  • Flexibility: Consultants can work when you are not and if the relationship doesn’t work out then you part ways with no monetary strings attached
  • Connections – we have media connections, resource connections and more. We are nimble, savvy, determined individuals that deliver an exceptional service

Some ways to find qualified consultants are:

What would a consultant do right now to help your brand? Here are just a few ideas but every brand is different:

  • A social media audit and strategy to review and revise social media programs
  • Ramp up blogging that was always put on the back burner
  • Continue media outreach – not everyone is writing about COVID-19!
  • Create thought leadership content like whitepapers and research reports
  • Create video demos of various product features
  • Promote recorded webinars
  • Showcase customer success stories and think about new customers you could develop success stories about, film virtual customer videos
  • Host virtual panels and Q&As with partners, customers, employees or others

About Us

Stephanie Driscoll is communications consultant with Blue Fog Communications. She has more than 16 years of communications experience with startups, entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses. More information can be found at www.bluefogcommunications.com,

Jennifer Donovan is the founder of Nova Communications in San Francisco. The team at Nova Communications (www.nova-comms.com) provides social media services including strategic planning, social media management, paid social media campaigns, social media audits and educational workshops. Jennifer has 25 years experience in PR, Communications and Social Media, working at agencies, technology companies and running a consulting business.

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