Recent Retail Discoveries

I wanted to do a bit more of a lighthearted blog post today and one that tells the stories of a few brands I recently discovered and like. I do not represent any of these brands, but they all have interesting stories and I was attracted to their branding and have enjoyed their products. I hope you like some of these brands and their stories too!

Colleen Mauer Jewelry – a handcrafted jewelry line based in San Francisco. I first saw Colleen’s jewelry in Jane Gee and then I started following her on Instagram. To pivot her business during COVID, she started doing virtual shopping appointments and sample sales via Instagram. Colleen has found the virtual shopping and online sample sales have done really well and she has decided to keep doing this so check out her Web site and Instagram account for more details!

TheTipsyTieDyeGirl – founder Rachel was laid off from her fashion job due to COVID and she needed a way to make money to pay her rent. She decided to start tie dying out of her home and has quickly gained a following on Instagram. She has made to order designs or already made clothes you can choose from. Affordable prices. Cute sweatshirts for cool summer nights.

Bens Bagels (local to the Seacoast) – I saw many local Portsmouth shops and friends posting about Ben’s Bagels on their Instagram pages and had to give it a try. Ben is making bagels out of his house right now and hopes to open a store front in Portsmouth eventually but it’s fun for the kids to grab a bag off yummy homemade bagels off a doorstep.

Otter Creek Shop – a home and lifestyle goods shop that just opened in downtown Portsmouth but they have an online shop. Super affordable, curated goods.

Blenders Eyewear – my husband and I kept getting targeted by this brand on Instagram so we decided to give it a try. $35 for a pair of polarized glasses, why not? I am happy to report they seem to be high-quality and attractive so definitely worth the Instagram gamble.

Sunday – another brand I kept getting ads on Instagram for. Sunday is custom lawn care. We have never really put much effort into our lawn, but the Sunday system seems pretty easy and they test your soil so we decided to give it a try. I will let you know when summer is over whether it made a difference.

WOD Generator – throughout this quarantine I have been slowly building a little home gym in my garage because I have found that I actually love working out at home. The programming is the challenging part. Enter WOD Generator which lets me enter which equipment I have and generates thousands of different WODs that I can choose from based on how my body is feeling.

Have you discovered any new brands during quarantine that you like? Please share!


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