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As a communications consultant I rely on many different apps and services to help streamline my business. Some of the most valuable platforms are media resources – those connecting consultants and reporters. HARO (Help a Reporter Out) paved the way here many years ago by compiling an email list with story requests from journalists. Over the years, many services have emerged from this trend, some paid, some not and some innovating and helping to streamline the media relations process even further.

Two new tools I have been using recently and really like:

Qwoted – this is a new service I recently discovered that is similar to HARO and Profnet (see below) but has three tiers of membership options, including a free version, and seems to have high quality leads. It seems some journalists have started using this service, but it certainly doesn’t have the depth of leads yet, but I see that changing. I am currently using the free version but plan to sign up for a paid version to see if the results are enhanced. – OnePitch is taking a fresh approach connecting PR pros and reporters. Using this service, PR pros submit their pitches to OnePitch and journalists review the pitches and provide feedback before it is pitched out to journalists. Journalists who have signed up for the service receive daily emails with the vetted pitches. I just started using this service and love how its not only connecting journalists and PR reps but also providing some PR education along the way.

OnePitch also hosts a Q&A series with reporters who provide insight on what stories they are working on, how they liked to be pitched, etc which is extremely valuable, especially now when the landscape has changed.

Other services I use:

Profnet – now owned by Cision, a paid service that delivers a mix of business, trade and blog leads right to your email. Similar to HARO but more tier one leads.

SourceBottle – allows you to connect your clients with reporters but also allows you to submit products and clients to be listed in a source list for reporters to turn to as needed.

Facebook groups – Facebook books such as PR, Marketing and Media Czars act as live media resources where journalists are posting their media inquiries and PR pros can respond in real time. I have found these sites particularly valuable for in the beauty/wellness/health industry.

What resources do you find most valuable on a day-to-day basis for media relations?





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